Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

148 1 ThedeceitfulnO of mans heart. i'eciderat tap('ta cupiditatis, in pstroeinie fan. ciitatis. Correp tus ell per Pro- pbetam nonlap- r.ts eft in Propbe- ta.Hoc in te a- mas quod Da- vid in fe edit ? Aug.pn Bfai. s. Ign.orance. with us on earth, as there would be divers other matters of griefe unto them , fo I think nothing more,than to fee the horrible al a e, as of their ver- tues,fo of their imperf ïlioasr : of their vertues,when in chat regard they are defiled by the fuperflitious Idolater: of their infirmities and imperfet ions,when for them they are made the patrons of hateful' and ihamefull deformities, by the loofe Libertine. As it would grieve them to fee thofe vertues, the weak- neffe whereof made them to fall down before God in humiliation,to be railed up to fuch an heigrh,as to make others fall down to them in adoration : fo alto to fee their fins which wroughtfbame in themlelves, to work impudeneie in others. If D avid had commit- ted adultery,as thinking it no iuch great ma -ter, be- caule of the example pof Come Prophets before him, . there had been force more colour in his excufe : But i)avid fell only through his own concupi1cence ;not upon any patronage of holy mens examples.A Pro- phet with his words rebuked him for his fin : No Pro- phet with his deeds flefhed him in his fin : why doff thou love in thy felfe that which David hated in him (elk? To conclude this poinr,the examples of holy men in things imitable, are compared by the hole Ghoil to theifaelites e/oud,chat led them in the wil- derne fire. But their unwarrantable examples are like the black part of the cloud , which whofoever (hall follow with thole Egyptians, together with them he is like to be drownd in the fea of eternal deftruEtion. The third fhifc is their lgnorance,and want of lear- ping. They fay they are no Schollers nor book- lear - ned : and therfore,howfoever thefe things they are ac-