Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfulraefe of mans heart. 137 accufedof, would be fcarce tolerable in others, yet in them they are very excufable. For the difcovery ofthis deceir,we muli underftand,that there is a two fold Ignorance. A plaine and frmp'le ignorance, & alto a milfull and aff'ec`ted. The plain andfimple ignorance though it may extenuate, yet it cannot altogether excufe. The ignorance of thy Princes Lawes will not excufe thee in his Court, and thinketi thou that in Gods Court,who is far feverer than any mortali wight,the plea of ignorance fhal be heard? for as the Princes lawes are printed & publifhed, and therfore may be known,unlefre we be either careleffe or wil- ful' ; fo alto are Gods. Art thou then ignorant ? the fault is thine owne, it cannot therefore fave thee harmlefí'e. No,the fervant not knowing his Mafters wiil,muft be beaten with fome ftripes,if he do it not, though not with fo many as he that knowing it does it not. But yet if his ignorance be the fecond kinde of ignorance, roilfull and 4W/eel; then he (hall be beaten with as many,if not more : for this kinde of ignorance eacreafeth the finne,ratherthan any whit leífens it. And here, as in the cafe ofdrunkenneffe, double punifhment is worthily deferved ; becaufe they doe willingly fhut their owne eyes, that they might not fee, and doe of let purpofe nuzzle themfelves in ignorance, though the light on every fide encompaffe them,thinking thereby to procure :o themfelves a liberty of finning,without guiltines: but they are deceived. Here truly hath place that laying, The ignorance of the truth can be no excufe to rave their condemnation, who had they hada rod to leek the truth,might eafy have had the shill to find it, L 3 They Excufatá tanta fed non à tato. Luk.cz. 47,48. Auch op. im. perfet%. en Mat. hom.44. Nec pote!i eia rf fe excuratio-con demnatioitis ig- norantia verity quibus fui inveniendi ft- tutus, f: futffit querendi vo 4unUee: