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The deceit fulneffe of mans heart., 1412 threacuiugs of the Law. The voice of David; con - flia with hinifelfe in his adultery was this ; T confnt to the r arv) t hat it is wog holy andjufi in forbidding a- dultery,and therefore ¡cannot wholly give my afro to this adu!tery.The voyce of Hero isfkrife in his heel is this,' eon feet to the Laze that it is true in t hreatning iticef with the ctsrfe ofGoi, and f el terrour in the ap- prehenlion ofit. So that the oppoficion which the re- generate make- aqainfk finne, is from the apprehenfi- on of the goo ine f of the Co nwandement : the oppo- tion ofthe unregenerate, from the apprehenuon of the truth of the threatning the former from love, the la-er from feare. N )w though this be fufficient to difcover his de- ceitro thofe cha will deale faithfully with them felves in the ex-IT-nitration of their own hearts : yet. for the further fkop.ping of the mouth of iniquitie, that excellent fpeechofthe Apoflleisto'eremem bred ; The fk lu fleth againfl the fpirit,and the fpirit againfl the fl f7i and the fe are contrary one to argot her,fo that le cannot do the fame things that ye would. Where the fiefh is refitted by the Spirit, it never wholly prevail es, but in fpi ht of its reel h is broken of her will , it cannot doe that it would; but in there men the ftefh doth whatfoever it would; the c,..9 ion of fume h as ready in- them as i he temptation they lie, they wallow, and tumble themselves in their fumes; they ma ke a daily trade of their un çleanneffe, prophannrf e, worldlinefle :.(ball any man now pet Cwade me that the (pirir is in them . haggling with the 1141? Cerrainly.if there were but the leafk dramnie ofthe fpitit to refill, the flefh fhould Sed illud ( bo- num) placebat & vincebat,boc i malum) libe- bat etP, viacie- bat. Aug.Con- felrl.8.c,p Gal.¢, ;7.