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t4a I Coro, z.. cicered. The deceitfulnefe of Mans heart, ifhould not fi nne thus freely, without interruption it fhould not alwayes hold the reynes, and fit at the helme. I beat may body ;that is, I moleft and vex the Eiefb, the old Adam, that is me; and marke what followes, I bring it in fiabjeciion. Where then the flefh alwayes flourifheth and triurnpheth, and is ne- ver brought under,there never is any true re fiftance, there is co fpirit, the adverfary that fhould troue ble it. Objc«. But it will bee faid, did nor David in his adultery doe that which his fleiEly will would ?Anf. No ; not wholly , not fully. For firft of all, by reg. Ion of the refiftance of the fpirit, he could not take that fulnefie ofpleafurn which a venereous Epicure would. Further, the flefh would have had h±m fleet fecurely, and gone onfoutly fill in that finne, and co have done as much to others,as to 73atbf73eba,but becaufe of the contradidion of the fpirit gaine-fay- ing the flefh, hee could nor fo bleffe his foule in this finne , he could not lie tumbling in his mire; but was forced to rife up, and wafh himfelfe in the wa- ters ofrepenrance. And wilt thou,that after thy fit- ting down to finne never rifeftagaine (unleflre it bee aÍ thole lfraelítes, that fate down to eat and drink, and rofe up to play ; that is, to the doing of forne worfe matter;)wilt thou plead the combate of the fief. and the fpirit ? Excellently St AuJlin : The ej..) luffethagainfl the fpirit : I fthefpirit doe n®t allo tuft againfi the flefhlthey commit adultery : For what fhouldhinder ? But if the f irit lufi again ftthe fi , then 1 may fee thee indeed » rewd / eat/lied, whole vanquifhed I cannot. Exod.l z. 6. Caro concupi- fcit advcr/ras Fpiritum,fi non concupifcet e- fpiritus contra carnem, radiant aduiterium; Si mom fpiritus cow upifcit ad- verfus carnem, lusliam video, viaum non vi- deo. In Evang. â.Ioh.fer,43. Well