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144 z Cor.3,3. z Vpon the Tima. The sleceitfulnef/e of mans heart. and make his part good wich the flefh, to (offer is to rob him of any fpiricuall grace. Specially when as the fle(h in them is as an underling crufhed and trod under their feet, What a fh ame is this for a man to be overcome by his bale vaffal, who was once alrea- dy before overcome by himfelfe ? This therefore is matter of humiliation, and deeper aggravation of our Gnnes,that God having dif -armed the flefh, and fubjei'ted it to us, yet we by our favouring of it , as the Ifraelites the Canaanites,havenouríflied a Snake in our own bofomes , and have fuffered it to grow, to that head, that it fhould be ready to overtop us, Therefore the Apoftle doch not extenuare , but ab gravate the factions of the Corinthians by this, that thefe things came from the flefh in them,and were fruits of their carnality. Therefore be (ayes by way of upbraiding, Tea areyet carnali. Mans deceitful) heart would have holpen the matter with this: Alas! though we be regenerate, yet we are ftill alto car - nali in parr, and the flefh will bee working : But the holy Ghoft retorts it thus; As you are naturally car- nali, fo by your new birth , yee now are become fpiricuall; what a fhame thenis this for you, that the fpiric performes his office no better in quelling the flefh, that the flefh is Bill to lufty and lively in you, that one would think you were wholly carnali and not fpiricuall at all ; that after fo long a time of your regeneration, you areyet fo carnall;thef efh )}ill car- rying fo ftrong a hand over yon? That fhifting,then, of the fault to the Beth is idle, whether in the wic- ked, or in the godly. The fecondtranflatioo of finne is upon the Timer. and