Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit fìâlnefe o f Mans heart. r 4 3 Well then, the unregenerate cannot excufe their finnesby the flefh;becauCe the flefli and they, being all one,in accufing the fleth,they accuCe themfelves. What then? May the regenerate ?Neither:for wher- as the fe,'h in them is only a /lave and captive, deadly wounded by God, at fiat converfion, and daily awed by the contrariety ofthe fpirit, that they yet fhould be foyled by theigh, that the fl fll fhould fo farre prevaile with them, as to bring forth the fruits of dilobedience, this feemeth rather to adde, than any whit to díminith their firne: for as for the wic- ked,they are nothing but tips they have no adverfa- rie to the fiefh in themfelves,that might bucklewith it: but the godly they have the fpirit,which ofit fell as Chri,7faics, is prompt and ready, but that wee by Matth.aó. our {loth and negligence diCable it. Therefore the Scripture upon there grounds exhorts the godly to good duties, becaufe of the regeneration of their nature, whereby they are in fome meafure enabled to frbdue their corruption,and fo to performe obe- dience, as S. panzer, having made mention of our lacmest.is.T . new birth, Of his 0a111 will begat he us by the word of truth, thereupon inferreth, Wherefore let every Vial be f wift to heare, rnow to fpealf, &c. And S. Peter ha- ving exhorted to love one another, with a pure heart I Pee i' 2,2'Z3' fervently,annex.eth this reafon, ,Being born a newylot afínortall feed,butinrnsortall, &c..Now as itisfharne- 1 full for a man that hath firength,& is furnifhed with i weapons,to f.fter the cheefe to take his purfe from him : fo is it for the regenerate man,whom God in his generation hash endued with fpirituall life and I ftreng:h; Thereby he might be able to îhrive againtl, and