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Is$ aid nos deci- pt relie ? non e(l extrinfeeus hoc malum, intra nos ea, in vi(ce- ribjta ipfs haret. ig&s non rere t quoin mignnres, fed quo incidat: nom eta maxi_ mum folida non receperunt;rur. fus arida, &cor - ripi faci!ia fcin- tilfam veep fo. vent u¡q; ad in- cendkm. Sen. F.pi0.I$. i'hil4 z2a Lot in perverfa eivitate juflws, inmoue steal- ; ,vit. The deceit fulne e of mans heart. of li fe.It is myyouth and blood that doth this. But a; he excellently addeth. Why do we deceive our (elves This evill is not from without, from any extrinfecab cats fe,tt is within u.,it flicks in our very boriels. I f we lived elCewhere,hi other places, and cornpanies,un- leffe our hearts within were changed,we íhould í}i11 be the fame men. For, that it is not in the Ipace, that we are thus and thus perverted, will appeare evidently,if we cart our eyes upon o hers, that have lived in as evill times and places, and yet, like filhes, retaining their fweetneffe in the (alt fea, Iike Sala manders, unfcorched in the fire. Ic matters not fo much how great the fire be which lighteth upon a pace, as of what quality the thing is whereon it iighteth : for even a great deale of fire falling upon hard aid folid fubflances would not once kindle, and a little (park in dry, chippy, cornbuftible mat. ter hath quickly burnt up all.So it skils not fo much what the place be, as what the minde. Mindes well difpofed, and carefully watching over themfelves, have continued in the corrupteft places without fp it ; as .Iofepb, Nehemiah, Daniel, Obadiah, in the Courts of Pharaoh,,Irtaxerxes, Nehuchadnezzar; A- hab; and S. Paul makes mention of Saints in Nerves court that monfter ofnature.Contrarily,the minde being fecure, or otherwife ill dïfpofed, thebeít ph. ces have been no priviledges againft fin. Witnefre ,fldam, that finned in Paradife, the DeviI,ihat fell in Heaven,in Gods own Court : Loe, falling in Cods Court,and Handing inNeroes Lot continued chaff in filthy Sodome, and yet fell grievoufly in the folitary & retired mosuntain :un juftly then are places charged As