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IIMPOO The deceitfislneffe of mans heart. As u t, Jattly in the third place,are our callings,and the ímpioyment ofthem; which,fay naany,are fuch, that they muff needs negle& the kingdome of God in prayer, reading, meditation, faatification of the Sabbaths which if to doe be fin , nor they but their callings muff be called into queftion. But wee muff know that no calling is a. calling array from God, no vocation is an avocation from godlines:but as our Sa viorrrfpe)ks of the Sabbath,. fo alto may it be laid of our caiingf: Man ma not made for callings,but callings fur m 4,that is,for his good, not for the hurt & hin derance of his foule. Certain therefore is is that this is but a deceitful) excule : for David & Daniel taken up wich the many and weighcyaf aires of civil' go- vermeil! ( ilas,what are thy oceafions to theirs)tney yet could find lealure to pray thricea day.. And tell me, thou who thus pleadeft the troublefome diffra- ntionsorfthy calling,do they fopofi fee thee tha- thou canft neither fleep,nor ear and drink; forall thy buG- nefles, I dare fay, thou dad' not wholly deprive thy G_if of thefe neceflary comforts: And art thou yet to learn,that chele are not fo neceflary for the body,but the exercifes of Gods lervice are as necefl,ry every wayfor the foul ?l &emember the example of the wo- man of Sanear ia,leaving her pitcher at the well,& of theShepheards, leaving their flocks for the bufìnes of Chriff., & learn by them that our particular callings muff give place to the general/ calling ofChriftianity: And good reafon,one kindnes delerves another.Our generali calling ofChriflianity is not fo unjurt, as to feize ordinarily upö al the time of our particular ca L lings: therfore Chrifi will rather rob his des of lleep and 159 3 Vpcn our Callings. Mar,2vl7. [oh.4, 2.8e. Luke 2015.1 lät í4.z.3. Luke 6. v..