Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

x64 The deceitfulrseffe of Mans heart. Si atigJaid per. not to perfwade that which is evil;but neither doth faaadenteSataa Goa ceafe to advife us that which is good. If by the ma:i fcceria, di- mitre Satznam, perfwafion of Sathan thou haft done any evill, let accufa to , ut Sathan goe, accule thy fe1f; that thou maift by this accept one accufing of thy felfe obtaine Gods pardon. Defireft tua Dei veniam mercare. Expt_ thou ro accule him that can have no pardon ?accule Etasillumaccu. thy felfe,and thou Iñalt forth-with be pardoned. (are qui non ha. seventhlj Others there are that flye up into the bet z.eniam? to acctiaa eo. neci- heavens,and there flye upon the flirres and conflel pia indrIgentia. lations. Such Atrftiet complained of, that giving 7 Vpon cot- Rellarions. care to the deceits of the Affrologie nr,bought death In Pfa13 t. 13z of them With their mony, dearly, meane time con '40. Mathema- temning life , offered them by Chrifl , free. The ticuatibi fabulac laqucoru` tuornn ufuall plea ofcheCe men was, in their adulteries to vendit, ut non a ccufe Venw;in their murthers , Mars. Belike then ve! gratmorë (faith dupes, very (weedy fcoffing at them) Venus compes imis enim mor. is the adulterefe, not thou ; Mars the murtherer, not tem à mathema. thou : But take thou heed, left thou thy Pelf be damned tiro precio, qui infteadofMars andVenus. If the Afirologian himfelf contempfaati vi- tam à Ckriflo Jhould take his ousn wife in wanton behavior with other gratis. Mars er. men,will he not difcipline her, and correa her for it ? ga hemicida,non '' go; td, Venus a- I let her then fee if ¡he can tell him that Venus is to bee dultera,non ax: I beaten, and sot the, vide ne proMar- Eight hly, Others yet, being more audacious, of to Veo: Fend higher, and goe beyond the Starres, damnaria: g g Y , even to Nenne arripit, Godhimfelfe, to charge him with their fins : Thus verberat,& dat di did Adam , when hee laid in defence of his own ea- f iptinam in domo 54a ? Re- tin g, the woman thou gaveft me, Jhe gave meit,clofel y rpondeatittiux- taxing God himfelfe : as if he fhould have Paid, un- or f poteft, Ve- necean cede. leffe thou hadft given mee this companion , I had s. Vpon God, I not eaten. S.Iames feemes to ayme at thc. f when be Iames I: 23. faith i Let no mass when he is tempted, fa) he ^skin, e,+