Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit fzilnef e of mani heart. i63, sixtly, Many there are that father their finnes 6, Vpon the upon the Devil I. It may be indeed the Devil was Devilt the father begetting; but for all that, their owne naughty harts might well enough bee the mothers conceiving , and bringing them forth. And what could 64/ father have done without this .msther ? he Devil! cannot prevaile againft us , but by the helpe our owne corruption : I-Iee might ftrike fire long enough ere there would bee any burning, did not we finde him tinder ? Therefore St. Lames fames 1.14. Cayes, Ever, man when he k tempted, is enticed, and drawne away by hi, owne concupifcence :though yet the ! evillhave a hand, and that no (mall one, in temp - tingofus, yet becaufe bee doth onely allure us, and lay baits for us, but not coi/ìraine us ; he hath only a perfwadingflight,not aninforcing might, he cannot Afl tiara un- make us.Gane againft our wills , becaufe our owne derdi, tton pe_ tentiam cagen- concupifcence carrieth the chiefeft íl:roke;therefore di habet. Aug. he fo fpeaketh;Everj man is trmpted)not by the De it=Pi-al. Si vili hat by his arose concu i Bence : And therefore, sisatar t f queretttr ¢+ ta_ howfoever the Came sathan chat tempted David co -caret Peut, ha. number the people, had his finger allo, in all likeli- beretunde to ex hood , in that matter of Vriah yet Davis!accufech -glares. ,fo. y dory tu,e not sathan, but his owne corruption; In fn.ve 1 was politaAnt inter conceived. But let us heare what St. Auflin faith to moneyten De- um, e,- r e luchasthus excufethemfelves, "If Sat han, lai h he, rent(m s- one!, Cpake and God held his peace, then migh *eft raw ;quare/rut thou have Come matterofexcule : But now thine fl0 incur, tint a ve rtu;,tur ?ro n cares are let in the midft , betwixt Gods admon iti- cegatsatanat ons on the one fide, and Sachans fuggeftions on Auadre maium, the other fide, why doe they incline themCelves to Deus chele, and turne away from thole ? Sathan ceaferh b n mamcnet M 2 n c)