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154 i ImForretniry of pr,f,vafion or intreaty. Exod;a. as. t Sarna 1%77. Vcr3c r3; The deceitfulaeffe of Mapis heart. felves, we think prefently our felves fufficiently dii charged. Now we lay the fault upon our brethren divers wayes. i Vpoa their counfell, perfwafon, or intreatie, Coecially if importunare. Thus we dull heare ma. ny fay, filch a one he perfwaded me, he gave me ill counfell, he importuned me, and would never give over till I had yeelded. This is rife in thieves mouches, going to execution : Oifit had not been for filch an one, i had never come to this I may thank him ! Nay , thou maiít thank thine own naughty heart, fo fit a prey for evill counfell. Thus c...idaar , in the beginning, laid the fault upon his Wife, and (hee upon the Serpent : whereas indeed is was not Co much the Serpents words, as her own Bares, Co greedily bibbing in the poyfon of his words, which fhc fhould have blamed. Aaron alfo I was cunning in this kind oftraxjtion, when being, challenged by Mofes for his fnne , in making the golden Calf,he put it ofFto the people:Thouktnorpefi this peopleù fet upon mifchief,andthe, fold unto me, Ma/Zo III Gods : Thus Aaron, thought he had ridde his hands of his finne ; but the Scripture lets it fatter on him , than that ever fuck fhifts fhould take it off; ,faron made them na4e, d. Here allo was Pilot es deceit in wafhing his hands, thinking all the blame Ruck in the High Priefls, and the reft of the le -zees, that Co urged him with their clamorous importunitie. Saul likewile had this excufe ready at his fingers ends, The people have fpared &e. And when yet Samuel againe urged him ; wherefore haft thous act obejedthe voyce of the Lord ?he {till held him tide