Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

INIMEMPFW The deceit fulne of Maur heart. dole to his defence, yea, faith he, I have obeyed) but the people took, &c. till the fecond reply of Samuel, wrung from him this hold, and made him fay , d have finned , I have tranfgrepdthe conrnlandenleNt ofthe Lord becaufe ,I feared t he people,aud obeyed their voyce. 2 Vpon the commandement or example of our Superiours. Thus Children, if they be commanded doing of evill by their Parents; Servants, if by their Mafitrs; ',yea's, if by their Magifirates,think them - felves fufi'iciently exculed : ifrhe re bee finne in that they have done, they think the commander (hall anfwer to God for it. Thou witrall,would this be a good anfwer before an earthly Magiftrate in cafe oftreafoa,felony, yea, or a farre lefre matter,to fay, Sir, my Mafter commanded me ? Or haft thou here fo much wit to Cave thy felfe from the dan- ger ofmans Law,as not to venture upon thy fuperi- ours commandements ? and haft thou fo litrle wit, as to think Gods Lawes are lea fevere than mans , that this anfwer, my Father, my Husband, my Mafcer , my Magiftrare commanded mee, may ferve the turn before rods Tribunali ? dareft thou not Beale for all thy Matters Commandement, for feare of the gallon es ? and yet, becaufe of thy Ma- fters cc m nandement, wilt thou dare to prophar;e the Sabbath,without all feare ofHel-1 thou thinkeflì that the command of that authority which is over thee, will leften thy finne ; Nay, rather it will ag- gravate it : For if thou diddeft fi nne of thy :elle, without the command of man than thou diddefi imply rejeft Gods commandement : Now thou M 4 rc j eat fi Verle zoo z Conrnam. dements ,er example.