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l.. i; 156 The deceitfulneffe of mans heart-. rejettefi it with a farce greater difgrace & difparage- meut to God. For befides reje&ing the only wife God ,. thou preferreft before him bale and foolifh man : And fo by this meanes thy finne is doubled. For firft thou knelt in neglcíting Gods word; and fecondly, in regarding mans before it. The autho- rity then ofour Superiours commandement, or ex- ample will little Read us ,. when God_fhall come to fcanne our finne. The Apo¡lle dehorting the Corin- thians from fornication , remembreth them of that learfull judgement that befell the Ifraelites for this finne,three and twenty thoufand of them fell in one day. Now Mofes mentions foure and twenty thou. fand,whereof onechoufind were the chiefe Princes of the people,the other three & twentywere thofe of the inferiour fort , who fell into -this finne, pro - voked by the inftigation and example of their Princes. What, think we, fhould be the reafon that the Apofile fhould rather infift in the fpeciallpunith. ment of the people, than in the common and gene- rall punifhment both, of Princes and People toge- ther ? Some of the learned fay, that the LApojile would hereby teach the Corinthians the fillinefia and weakeneffe of this excufe; whereby men ufe to defend thofe fins whereunto they were fwayed by the force of their Governours authority and exam- ple : For though this three and twenty thoufand of the people had their Princes example, even a whole thoufand of them going before., and drawing them after, yet they were drawn by them , as well into the fame punament, the fame deftruttion, as the fame finne. r Cor.io.g. cleared. 4 Iuti.parl, l.z. por.;7..tàm frigda&1i1u- no fit earum de fen ftò qui ex- empio, eTC po tentiorum fe tu- tus putant fi in maleficia con fenfcrint, aut ruerint prd ter ®jIcium fawn? 3 upon