Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

y ÿ 8 The deceit fislnef of Mans heart. red, and prefently it will be foeculent, corrupt, and °KCcure : It is the mud, and mire of thy corrupt affeaions, that makes thy heart fo troublefome, when is is ftirred with injuries. A heart free from this mudde, would be free from diftemper, though never fo much toffed and fhaken. Then againe, what fenfe is there in this , that becaufe men pro- voke thee,therefore thou muff provoke God ? What if men anger thee, haft thou no body to wreak thy anger upon but God? Wouldft thou excufe thy Servant, if, being angred and vexed by tome of his fellow fervants, he fhould cafe his ftoniack l upon thy Celle ? And further , what reafon is there in this, that becaufe men hurt thee in thy body, goods, or name, thou muff therefore wound thy Celle in thy foule and confcieece; which thou doff, when, upon occafion of thefe injuries, thou boyleft in choler, and fwellefl in maliceagainft him that wronged thee ? What a folly were this, if, being i chrtLad pap. hurt in the hand, we fhould goe about to help our J Antioch.hozz. (elves, by dafhing out our braises againff the ,i @riAara acv ovals ? Our brother hurteth us in our eltate. This 71' 74 8'1',' brings no lofhe to our foule : But when our re [email protected] ítç 4t x&,,arx: én venge(ull affations are up, they bring hurt to our xpiAct7a,,,y. foule, even the guilt offinne, by tranfgrefíìng Gods 6V(/.VH ?liCcE0H5 Commandements. Never then harp fomuchupon iw4 vxfui éxv. Iceiknous this, / e lath wrongedtne thus old thsrs; Foole, none wrongs thee but thy fell: He bath takers array this that,Fool,thou takeft thebeft things from they felf. Thou calkeft ofthat which man taketh from thee,bat confider withall wha' God bath given thee, even in this hi6 taking away : Man bath taken away fome tea-