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The deeeit firlMep of Manf heart. 159 temporal/ corrtmoditie; God'giveth thee an occalîon of encreaf no thyfpititraal commoditier,ia flaming of true patience , humility, meekuefre, and Cuch like graces. This which God now giveth, is farre above that which mat? taketh From thee: And yet,wife man that thou art, becauCe man takes from thee the le therefore thou thinker thou maifi take from thy Celfthe greater.I t is grofíe deceit then to excufe our fins, manifefl wrong to God and our own Joules by the wrongs that others doe us. That blafpemer in the Law had this excuCe,that it was in heat, being Lcv.14.to.,4. provoked by the contention of that ocher parry i Yet for all that God would have him (toned to death : So Mofef tranfJrefìïng at the waters ofMeri- bah, was occafioned by the untowardneffe and rebel_ Pfal.io. 32.33, lion of the Ifraelitef : yet this could not e)ccufe Ihim before God,Sut For all that he muff be debarred from entring into cauaan. 4 Upon the difcourage zre,tf and hiudraracef wee 4 Difccuragc. receive from others, as it were rubbesto us in the meats. way of godlineffe : O fay fame , concerning the performance of good duties ifwe might bee coun- tenanced by Authority holpen by our Minirers , let forward and heartened, by thole with whom and ofwhom we live : oh then how zealous would we be ? but becauCe wee have Co many pinches and pull -backs this way, wee think our coldneffe and bíckwarkneffe in Religion, not fo liable to cenfiire. Thus many people impute their not profiting, rri the Miniver, and the manner ofhis teaching : And if zhq had fuch a Miniver, oh how fhould they tea,, ,,;K. thrive then! But as he in seleca having a tharne in -- ---- -- __ his