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7'áe deceit,fulnefe of mans heart. a7 -j heavy-cuougn co crush chee down moo tiel: buc now when thou cel left -me it is thy daily cuftome,rhac thy tongue is traded in this wickedneffe,how now ? haft not thou mended the matter fairely? for fhame then away with this fo witleffe, graceleffe, and flume- p lPx'- leffean excufe. Would a theefe, or a rnurtherer,be Pa au; ñ ä7ro- ing arraigned at the barre, be fo Pimple as to alledge 7QcunS as, in their de fence, that it huh beene their ule and cu n á Rome ofa long time ropily Cuch reakes? would nor. A, the apo- Iudge Co much the ¡boner lend ,hem to the gal 7v. OL,P- lowes? if the plea of outcome be fo weak for the de 113r-rxv, á_ fence of thele f-i,nnes before man, why then,as Chry Gramdrtfm.4 fo(lome reafons , thould it not bee as inluflicient for .4s Wdgsws' the maintenance of (wearing, before Gods Tribu- ha n °p4sc- nali ?Though it bath beene the Antiochians outcome WY x+ C01 g g ad top. Antt. co wafh them in bathes, yet the Kin forbiddin c them,they all lefc,for feare of his difplealure. Wher- Horn, r4. ad upon Chryfoflome convinced them of deceit aline in pop. Antioch. the uCe of this excufe, in pleading the tyranny of cu 4-4577 èv.su t'come : Loe, faith he, you may fie that where feare is. 05a °, tiu,j- there our woated cull ome it left prefently : feare eafily M4'c ÀJ£iw overrafters run florae, though it k never fo ancient avd Pvr ^Sra qv necef zry. Icis not then our cuflome,but our want of 5: Gods feare, which is:the caute of our fweariog,The ns "'a' fame Father in another place, maketh mention of adpap. An one,who had got and favour'd fafhionofmoving his nos AL- right thoulder when he went, which yet hee corre. cun"'xs: &ed by laying a fword over it, in inch manner, that Wsé %w®- óGlrryr it fhould be in danger of cutring,if Co it mover': And TwÑS "°di- bo,by feare of incifion , he taught his fhoulder bet - MU 'a /Am; ter manners and motions : Doe.thou whopreren. a «'Pw` n4- deft the cuftome of thy tongue in fwearing,the Came « °0y' to