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176 The deceitfulneffe of llMans heart 6. Subtill di. ítinRions, to thy tongue that he to his fhoulder, and in fead of his fword, ufe the (word of Gods word, and Gods judgements threatned againft this finne, and thou (halt eafily get ridde of this thy evill cuftome : for let men fay what they will, it is nothing but their owne had hearts, void of al feare of God and his judgements ; together with their (.loth and negli- gence in not ft°iving againft their evill cuftomes, that makes them fuch (laves unto them. The laft refuge is co help out the matter with tome diftinE ions andpretences of falfe ends, or any fuch likequirks. Thk is the tale - bearers juftificati- en of himfelfe 5 I do it not to difcredit him, but on- ly in love & good will : So the wearer of long haire, I do it not for pride, but only to hide the deformi- ty of my Bares, or to keep my head warme : So the good companions, as they call them, that convene familiarly with notorious wicked perfons ; we doe it only for honeft refrefhment, and to win them by kindnes,as (trip converted with the Publicans and finners;So thofeCorinthians that were prefent at the Idols feafts; We doe it not in honour of the Idoli, but only to graifie our friends in a thing indifferent, the eating ofineats. Thus the Papifts for their ado- ration ofthe creatures, fay, they performe onlyfir- vice,but not zrorfhip,which is due to God only: The man ofvindi&ive fpirit can diftinguifh betwixt for giving and forgetting, and tell you he hath forgiven his enimy,though he bath not forgotten the wrong he bath done him. Bradford in one of his Epiftles makes mention of on e that excufed fubfcription to the Popifh Articles,being qualified with this limita- tion