Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

pomomb The deeeitfirlrrefeof mans heart, on,fo farre forth as they were not againft the word of God, being indeed all quite contrary thereto. And in this manner hee moved Bedford and others to fubfcribe. But à notable example for this deceit was that of the Ifraelites in their oath againft the giving of their daughters in marriage to the Benja- mites :E'or when the women of Iabilh Gileaddid not Cuffice the Beniamites , and their oath hindred them from giving any of their own daughters, they bad them take by force oftheirown virgins, that should come forth to dance in Shiloh. Why ? but was not thisagainfl: their oath ? yes, but marke what a fine quirk they found out to elude their oath, and fo to qualifie the matter; namely, that they did nctgive them their daughters , but the Benjamites took thennaway. Not much unlike are thole fhifcs to cou- len the good lawes and oaths againft buying of pla- ces with money, as the layingof wagers before hand with thofe of whom they are to bee had, that wee (hall not have fuch or fuch a place. Such alto was the deceit of thofe who having made truce with their adverfaries for certaine dayes, did yet during the truce make incurfion upon them in the night,& then denfended it, becaufe their truce was only for dayes not nights. To this head alto we may referre that excule ofour Travellers, who excufe ;heir kil- ling of the Popes toe, becaufe they do that honour to him onely as a temporal] Prince,and not ai Pope. But thele men are not Co happy in their inventions to fave their confciences, as was once one to lave his honour; who grudging the Perfion King that honour of falling down before him, and yet not N knowing