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The deceit fithreffe of mans heart. Ible them for nigh twenty yeeres afterwar . g y d Thé rea- fon was, the miffs of corrupt affe &ions dazled the eyes,of their minde, and fo they could not behold their (inne in the right forme : but when affli6tion had removed thefe miffs of deceit from their eyes then they beheld it in the right fhape, molt ugly and monftrous,and were confounded with the hor tour thereof. Had they any reafon to approve their fact all that while, and to applaud thernfelves is it , becaufe ofthis deceitfull peace ofa deceitfull heart? O (ayes one, I thank God I finde quiet and peace in mine own heart , whatfoever Each and fuch judge of me for my courCes:liut whattalkefl thou ofpeace? or what haft thou to doe with peace (as Iebu laid to iehoran) who haft no other ground to build it upon than the deceitfull judgement of thine own blinde and bewitched heart? Thou lookeftin troubled wa- ter, and fceft no deformity in thy face: But flay rill the water be felled and cleered, and then thou (halt fee what a filthy tnifhapen vifage thou haft. Tell me ten yeeres hence, or in the day of thy trial!, when thy heart (hail be freed from thefe deceits,and Chrifi will the clay and fpitrle of fome fharp 1 affila ion (hall have fharpned thy dull eye - fights tell me then what peace thou haft. 3 Since our hearts, as we have fliewed, are fo de- ceitfull is excufing and defending our finnes, it mutt teach us to labour for the fpirit ofingenuityfor that open and plaine heart of lob in confefiìng of lob 31.33. our fiones, that with him wee may be able to fay, I we have hid o1r for, as did Adam, &c. Though our hearts deceived us at fiat, to make usfnne, yet lst N 3 us 179