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¡So The deceitfielneffi of mans heart. InPial.13.q. niereberis illu- minari. Et quottr,do e- vader e dupl:ci- bus teneb, is qui in fimplicibus laborabas ? In Pfal.so. Commiffum e(1, non dtferdatur, canfefonem veniat non de fenfionem. Ad- hibes ted.fenfb rempeccati tui? vinceris. .Qui es mint ut te defendas ; neus elio ad ac. cufandiem te, noli dicere , aut nihil feci, aut quid magnum feci, aut fece runt dr alii ? Si faciendopee. :catum nihil te dicis deliquife, nihil tris, nihil accipies. Paratur efi Deus dare indulgentiarn,claredio contra te. Ille paralus et dare, noli opponert obiçem defen fionis fed speri fnumconfeonis. us not fuffer them to deceive us further . to make us todefend our fin : This is to adde dect it to deceit. This is double deceitfulneffe, when Engle was too much.Excellentl y Ruffin :If thou hari fnnedthou art in darkneffe.but byconfèfring thy darkneffe thou [:alt obtaine the illun2inat ;on oft bydarknef :Gut by defen- ding thy darknef thoufhalt be dart nedin thy darkness And how wilt thou efcapeout ofdoubledarkneffe, who hafi fo much to doe with Engle ? And againe, Thou "halt committed a frnne; let it be conf.:tfrd,not de- " fended, If thou wilt take upon thee the defence of " thy fume , thou wilt eafily be overcome,&c. For "who art thou to defend thy (elfe ? Be thou ready " to accule thy (elfe fay not, either I have done " nothing,or no fuch great matter,or no more than " other: If having finned, thou faift thou haft done "nothing, thou fha'tbe nothing, thoù fhaltreceive " nothing:God is ready to give thee pardon , thou " ftoppcft it againft thy felfe : He 1 fay, is ready ro "give it ; doe no: thou lay rheblock ofthine own ' defence and juthification againft it: but open the "bòfome of thy confeflion and felfe- cóndemnati " on for it. CHAP:.