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The Contents. I By thegre.ttnef'e of it. P.1199 2 By the caufe,the wickedne ffe of the heart. p.301 3 By the unfearchablenefe of it. p.2I I i Meares of difco'veryo Where two things.22 Marks for tryall of our hearts, c feanes are(even. r1 7(4velation of the word. p.316 2 Affli¿}ion. P. 317 3 Profperitr. p.320 < 4 In- equality of carriage. 15 Removeall of our chiefeft helps in godli,:effe. p:--3-27 6 Fitneffeofoccafsonsto provoke corruption. p.329 L- Our e ffe¿iionr. P.330 Marks to try the fincerity of heart are 5. I Humility. P. 332 2 7`hegood and honed heart.. p.335 The plaine and open heart, P.340 4 Greatefi ['event), againf our own Jinxes. P. 34.1 5 Fejoycing, and grieving, for the graces and dinner of others as well as our owne p.34-3 III. The generall life of the whole doctrine of the hearts deceitfulneffe, 1 For watchfulneffe. P.345 2 For binding ourdelves by covenant to the Lord. p.359 3 For wijdome to apprehend ah good opportunities, p.352 4 For fraight examination of our hearts p. 355 5 For exhortation to fincerity where. I Mottvessentojincerity,zI, p.357 2 Lilfear.es, 4.., . p.38° flu. The anJwer which Es made, Ier. 1 .1c).toan obje ¿fion, arifìng from the do¿irine of the heartsdeceitfulnes, where is handled: S1 Gods knowledge of our hearts. j works 2 Gods rewarding of our the: end of the firmer. knowledge. ibidg6 . The end of the Contents.