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% r.l. C`[J ...1.. .L , r'`í` `F'"V V , G_ ` `''i'`' `4 THE DECEITFU1NES OF MANS HEART. JEREM. 7. 9,10. The heart is deceitfull above all things, and evil!, who can know it ? i the Lord fearch the heart, and try the reines, that I may give to every one according to his wayes, according to the works. - CIIIAP. I. The Text opened ; A Preparation to the 7reatife following, fhewingthe origindll of the Hearts deceitfulnefe, the dif- ficulty, and yet the meanes of knowing it. He Prophet having grievoufly me- naced the Jewes in the beginning of this Chapter, becaufe he raw how much they bore themfelves out againft there threatnings, up- _ on hope of the "Egyptian his help ; therefore in the fifth verle he curfeth all fuch as re- lie ùpon man, and make flefh their arme : contrarily, blefling filch as in their dangers fhroud and íhelter themfelves under the wing of the Almighty. B But P;a1m.3.4.