Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

18z i The deceit, fùlneffi of mans heart. Aaag.inPfal.46 fall ? The,eíeceit is in the covetous rich mans heart, that covers his unfatiable coveting and delire of ga- thering riches, with the gentle and honeff name of thrift and frugality. Thus, wrong and hi aftice de- ceives often,under the colour; St in the appearance of mercy and compaflion ; as when we relieve the needy with other folks goods, or (tom ufe "pm/ ex- arnp'e ) when we favour a poore man, having an ill dude , againft a rich man having a good : In like manner,t ;iddinef carries ablufli ofZeale; and eke!. ler and fury, of valour and manhood : Whence that 'peech touching the fiery fpirited man, he bath met- tle in him : And it is mettle indeed, but digged out of the mine -pits of hell,bafe and reprobate mettle, which never received the Image and Impreffe of Gods Spirit. And yet as they that have ill eyes, will miftake one man for another, fpecially when they fomewhat refemble one another, though otherwife the difference between them bee palpable ; and fo Elute a ftranger for a friend : fo our pur- blinde hearts, deceived with that fhadow of refemblance, which Vice fometimes carrieth of Virtue, doe oftentimes embrace and receive groffe vices, in Read of glorious virtues. For as the Prince of darkneffe, the Devill, doth fometimes transfortate hinafelfe into an Angel of light , and become a white Devill ; for r. Timothy 4. i, 3. abftinence from meats, and trarriage, favouring (one would . think) of great mortification, are yet dollrines of Devils: Co allo can the works of darknes transfigure themfelves into the works of light. Not only thole works of light, wheruuto they item to come force- what'