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The deceitfulnef of Mans heart. s.trE:.?-.' CHAP. XV. Five deceits of the heart in perfirading to Inge, Itherto ofthe frrfl deceit, which is in jag- z. In perfwa. ing:thefecondfolloweth in perfrrading. And ding, that is either to the doing of that which is evil!, or to the omitting ofthat which is good. In therff kinde there are divers deceits. The firf} is to colour grotfe fins with milde terms, To doe evil, and fo to prefent it unto us,not in its own proper co t.neceir,pain lours,but painted and gilded over with Tome thews tins of finne of virtue, that it might the more eafi(y winde and with virtues infinuate it Celle into our afffec` ions.This is like their colours. deceit that die coorfe cloath in fine colours. Thus Superbie cel/i. hdlititiefi comes masked in the habit ofma nanirxi tudinem units= ty ; curiofty would be taken for the defdregofknow.' a/feÉ[areráofas ledge; ignorance fhrouds it Celle under the name of itudiumrcientie, innocence ; and riot oufnes fhadows it felfe under the ig mcnttig o. title of liberalitie, faith Auffin. So likwife peffilent' mine tegitur. herefe hides it felfe under the name of pr ®f,un Egafeliberali- itnowledge, and deep learning, Revel. 2. 24. Pride obtnditmconf goes under the name of cleanlinefà and neatneffe : 1z.6. viria no- MachiavelIle and worldlineffe,Prov.23.4,ofwifdom¡ tamrnomine ob and policy : impudeney, ofprefence of fpirit and law -! repunt.Temeri -' fad audacity : raflaneffe,of fortitude: timerou fneff, of t ro t[a tas tub ti ulo autelvufneff : bafe niggardlineg of u ft ; tet,pro to ti drunknneffe,oFgoad fellorfhip: covetoufnefe of good midus accipitur, husbandry. And hence is that deeeitftulnef of riches Sc rt. Ep'ft4s in the parable of the Sower. How are riches deceit- N 3 futi? I 181