Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The meines to know the hearts deceit. Iudg.34.1 e. Mar.4.1i,22. intcrprescd. 3 Cor,34. The deeeitfelneffe of mans heart. ing river were fo great where it rîrft role, how then (thinke we) bath it inlarged it felfe, being runne thus farre ? No marvell then if the Propher, as it were amazed to fee fuch litterr, yea, legions of de ceitfull devils couching close in t his their [linking ftie,cry out,as here we Beare him,The heart is deceit - fuff above all things,who can know it ?So myfficall are these hearts of ours ; fo deep and abftrufe are her myfteries of deceit. Why then will Come fay, doe you trouble your felfe in vaine ? for if none can know this myftery of iniquity how then can you know is ? how can you make us know it ? I anfwer, though no man know it as of himfeife, yet,ItheLord know ;and if we plow with his heifer,we (hall know the darkeft riddles. There is a myftery of fins (ayes one) lying in the folds of our hearts, which we (hall never fee, unleffe the Spirit of God enter in, and give us light : For this fjiirit f archeth the deepe things of God, r Cor.2. much more can it fearch the deepneffe of Satan, and of mans deceit - full heart. If then we confult with the Lords Spirit, we may learne of him what thefe deceits be, fo farre forth as he hath revealed them in his Word; which is a light whereby we may fee in this , even more than ./Egyptian darkneJ. Therefore our sa. viourcounfeileth us to take the benefit of this light, and not to let it Eland under the bed; and that upon this ground, for there is nothing hid [name }y,in our hearrs,though never fo clofely;but fiall be opened, namely, by the power of the Word, molt plain- ly. And this Paul exemplifies in his Idiot,comming into tbeChurch affemblies,and in hearing the word opened.