Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit, f ïalneJJè of maw heart. opened, king himfelfe and his owne heart opened, and the fecrets thereof difcovered.Counfell Tunder- (fand it of crafty counfell] is in the heart of man ; but a man of underfianding (underhand it fpecially of fpiricuall underftanding out of the Word) will fitch it out, faith salomon. Here the Holy Ghoft ma- keth the wifdome of the Word to be a bucket, able to bring up the filthy mire out of the deepeff pits of deceitful) hearts. And if the wife man have skill to let down this bucket into other mens heares,and draw it up full againe, much more then into his owne. Though then naturally we are all blinde, walking in the darke Cloyffers of our hearts, yet if the Lord goe before us with his torch; if he take us, as onceEz.echiel,intothis corrupt ternple(ffable ra- ther) and lead us along by his Word and Spirit, we (hall then clearly fee the feverall ranks and orders of the abominable dèceits therein : for in the word of God there are many wonders to be feen e,as Da- vid confe(l'eth in that his prayer, Open mine eyes, o Lord, that !say fee wonders out of thy Law. Among the which, this of our owne hearts unborvelled and anatomized, is not the leaf. Indeed, when our dead bodies are whole,we cannot fee what is with- in : They will caft forth an evill favour,and we may fee fome filthinefre and deformity in them, the which yet is but fweetneffe and beauty to that we fee, when the body is cut, opened, and er.trals taken out. Surely,the notes and eyes even of force Inaturali men, have difceined in mans heart unope- r,r<ed, unfavoury naffinefl'e, odious ugline(fe : But alas, all that,was not enough to humble them, nei- ther 9 P:al,tfy.