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Io 7be deceitfislne(fe of 'Naas heart. Heb.4.z.t3. interprct=d. Pct. t.r9. incerpretedc Pral.t©7.23. PCal.to4.z6, tiler was it any thing to that they might have feene in the heart broke up by God,the only skilfull ana- tomizer thereofwho as he feeth all things therein, lying naked as in an Asato, y, as the Apofile fpeak- eth, Hebr. 4. i 3. fo alto he hash laid it open in his Word unto us;as in the verfe before the fameApo- ftle fheweth,The word ofGod is live y,/barper than the two -edged fiord, a difeerner of t he thoughts, and fe- cret intents of the heart, neit her is there any creature which is not r anifeftin its fght,namely,of the word before fpoken of : for fo 1 think, without any vio- lence offered to the words, may the Text be inter - preted:And the word[creature]1 take for the crea- ture of the heart, namely, the thoughts and intents thereof before mentioned : That the fenfe fhould be chis ; The Word difcerneth the thoughts of our heart; not fome,but all : Nothing is there,that the heart forgeth,frameth,and as irwere,createth with- in it felfe, which this Word taketh not notice of. But of this let the learned judge. Well then,fiace the Word is that light whichfhi- neth is this darIZneffe, having it with us,venter we to defcend down into this deepe dungeon, and to launch out into this vaft Ocean, having this plum- met to found the bottome thereof. They that go dowse into the deeps (faith the Prophet) they fie the works and wonders of the Iord : But they that goe downe into this deepe,are not now like to fee any thing, but the deepneffe of Satan, the works and wonders of the Devill, the Leviathan that fporteth himfelfe in thefe waters,or rather a Neptune trium- phing here as in his kingdom e.Which fight, though haply