Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

iz The deceitfudaeffe of Nani heart. 0.14 CHAP. II. of the deceitfxlneff of the heart in regard of others. Aking then the anatomizing knife of the Word , and, ripping up the belly of this Moufter, I finde fuch an infinite number of the veins of deceitfulneffe,and thofe Co knotty,and intricately infolded together,that hard it is diftinC- ly and clearly to (hew them ally Nevertheleffe,God aflifting, we (hall doe our belt endeavour. I thinke therefore,that all the deceitfulneffe of the heart discovered to us in the Word, may be reduced to there two heads : Firft,the deceitfulneffe whereby we deceive others oncly ; Secondly, that whereby alto we deceive our felves. Í The former is not that which here the Prophet Co much aimeth at ; and therefore we will not fo much infift upon it. It fheweth it (elfe specially in two things; in Diinulatiov and simulation;in du- fembling and concealing that which indeed is, and in feigning and counterfeiting that which indeed is not.Diffizìsulatien is either of evill,or good The dif- fembling ofevill is threefold: Of evill to be done,or in doing: Secondly,from being done:Thirdly,already done. The hearts deceitfulneffe in hiding that evill which the purpofeth to doe or is in doing, is to make faire even of the quite contrary. And there- fore in her witty wickedneife, the inventeth Come colourable Deceit of heart twofold r. Deceiving othe's only. And it h two- fold. i Diffitnula. tion. I Of Erill. 1. To be done.