Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitf neffe o, of macar heart. colourable pretence to fhadow her malice and mtf chiefe. When Herod intended 'norfhip to rnorry Chrift, he pretended yet religioufly fo n orfhip him. simeovand Levicloked their purpofed maffacre of the Sichemites, wirh the confcience of circumci- fion "ibfolom his Tr,eafon, with the Religion of his vow : loab his perfidioufneffe to Aber & Ama- fa with friendly words, and Syren -like educations: Tfaael his murtherous miede toward thofe eighty men, with his Crocodile tearer : Izidaa his covetouf= neffe, with a Phew of a liberal! and merciful! aff'e- &ion towards the poore : and the lerres their ervie againft Chrift, with their duty to aefar. Thinke ye that the Jewes cared for C afar ?No, none fo impa- tient of his yoke as they : But they had mucherou s hearts,thirfting for our Lords blood; that was the true caufe 5 and the caufe of their malicious heart, their evil! eye that could not endure the glorious brightneffe of his grace ; but if they fhould have alleaged that all the world would have cryed fhame on them : therefore to hide the odioufneffe of their fae, they fet on it thefaire maske of Ioyal- ty to Ctfar. Thus alwayes in the perfecutions of lofeph, his coat (hall be brought forth, as it was 'once by his envious Brethren that fold him ; by his whori(h, Miftreffe that flandered him. Some one fpecions and plaufible pretence or other (hall be deviled by the wicked, to fave their credit in the world. So like roaers in the boat, whileft in their pretence they look oneway,in their intents they go the creane contrary. This tricke of deceitfulneffe the heart bath learned of that arch- rnafterof de- ceits, 13 Ier.4r.5.. lofephs coat,. Gen.37,3a 84 39.2,6. A.. 7