Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfalfselfe of man, heart. that salomon ihewes it to be as hard to find it our, as thole things which are hardeft ; namely, es the tray of an eagle in the gyre, not to be feen after once flowne away ;the way of a ferpent on a flone, gliding j away without leaving any impreffion of her body behind, and afterward creeping into force hole of the earth; the way of afhip in thefea, fwifcly carried p;ccator is away with the winds;and laftly, as the way of a man Mat, t, & with a maid that is aclole 8z a chatte virgin, that is Mufret inbanc kept dole from the acceffe of ftrangers.Look how doom. hard it is for a man judged unworthy, to get an ho- neft modeft virgin,kept dole in her parents houle (which is made no letle difficult than to get a flying Eagle) fo hard it is to difcover a whore, to con- vince her of her wickednette. Thus if the way ofan adrift rej; that is, as hard to finde out a s any of the foure fore - mentioned things :Her deceitful heart is fo fruicfull a hatcher of fhifts and evafions.And this is natural l to all the Sonnes of Adam, after the ex- ample of their Father, when they have done evill, prefently to runne into the thickets to Peek out co- verlets to hide their nakednetfe. Sometimes by gtoffe and palpable lying, otherwhiles by the nea- ter and finer kind of lying; I meane that fophiflicall lefcriticall equivocation:a trick the Divell their rna- fter hath taught them by his owne example; but fo The Dives mùch the work in them than in him, for that hee equivocation equivocated to hide his ignorance ofthat which he h tenures as could not reveale : thele equivocate to hide their knowledge of that they can and ought to reveale: for being fometimes poled with tome queftions c5- cerningfuture events, and not knowing well what C3 to 2I , ._-.------