Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

Zo The third aI- ready done. Prov.3.19,zo, unfolded. The deceit fudaieffe of moos heart. evill favour that is within : fo the deep and diffem` bling heart of man is a cunning digger of Inch graves;nay,it felfe,as it were,is a grave,wherin their rottennetfe and corruption lies Co clofely covered, that hardly the tharpeft noCes of Inch as convene with them,fhall be able to f neh them out. So pow - erfull is policie in the wicked to reftraine their cor- ruption from fcandalous eruption ; more by farre, fometimes, than is grace in force that are truly reli- gious. For, look how Ifaac made thew of ftrange- r elfe with Rebecca his wife,when the knowledge of that neerneffe might have hazarded his life: fo doe evill men counterfeit a kinde of ftrangenefí-e, even with their belt beloved fins,where open familiarity might be dangerous. But as Isaac was at length dif- covered,when Abimelech faw him (porting with her: Co there clofe companions,let them be heeded con - tinually,but with fomething more attentive an eye, and it will be hard but fometime or other we than take them napping, and (as beggers feigning lame neffe, without their crutches, without their veiles) even very familiarly fportingthernfelves with thofe fins, by the crafty forbearance whereof they for - merly deceived us The third deceit in dij irnulatioas,is,to diffemble conceale evil already done. The firunipet, when the hath eaten fiollenbread, yet the bath luch a dex. terity in the wiping of her lips, that not the leaft crum (hall hang on to bewray her, nor the ieaft fgne of her wantonneffe (hall appeare:And there- fore boldly the fay es; have dove no wicl¡fdneffe. And this the carriesfo ciofelyfromthe eye of the world, that