Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfulnef of mans heart. the example already mentioned. and his daily pra- áife in his crooked Oracles among the heathen:) thus dealt he at the firft with our firft parents, tel. ling them, that by eating the forbidden fruit, there Genefs.3.5. eyes ,Mould be opened, and they fhould be alGód,r illuárated. knowing good and evill.Now,the knowledge of evil') is twofold : z A pure and fimple knowledge of k in it felfe. a.A feeling and experimeentall knowledge of it in our felves. The devil indeed meant onely this latter,. poffeílìng yet the minds of Adam and. Eve with an apprehenfion and expe &ration of the farmer.Now ifthe devill thould have been chalen ged for deceiving, had not his defence Beene ready with this (hield of equivocation? might he not have laid even that which Mofes, having reference to this his fpeech, fpeaketh, verf.7. why.are not my words true ? are not your eyes now opened to fee your er- rour, which before you taw not ?doe not you know your felves to be naked, and fo have you not that knowledge ofevill which I promifed,even a know- ledge arifing out of your owne experience ?and yet for all this, Pail for his fa& cals him a cozener, and . Cor.rI,3. our Saviour a murtherous lyer. This wont of hi íoh.s °44 he kept with Chrift himfelfe, when (hewing him onely the (hadowes and imaginary reprefentation of things, he fail, Ald thefe win I give thee. A great catch fure, even juft nothing. Thus alto play- Matdi 4.9. ed he with Saul,taking upon him to foretell future sam.2.8.19. events in the hands of of God, To morrow thou ana interpreted. thy fon "(hall be with me,that is, (hall die. How came the devill to beofGods counfell,that he can fo cer- tainly determine the end of any mans dayes,whicl, C 4 are