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The word (to, morrow)ho w taken. Mat.6-.34. Exod.13 14.. ,irid fit Mu- 1°,011 tras finge quesrere. Hor. Tó aCii.tepov (.cot 1. 4Aet , Tó ávptov TSS óïó8 Anacr. I®h.E 944 Tide deceitfirineffe of mans heart. are numbred with God ? no, he loth not define it certainly, but (peaks darkly and deceitfully : for [tomorrow] doth not only fignifie the day immedi- atelyfollowing ; but alto the time to come indefinitely, and at large ;as in that of our Saviour, Care not for to ánorrowïand }n that ofGod,YYhee thy fonfhall g, thee to morrow,What is did ? that is,hereafc.er in the time to comeiandin that of the Poet,seeknot what fhaä be tomorrow; and, I care oiely for to day ; who (sower to morrow ,? Now indeed said did not die the next day after this conference, as will appeare to the more diligent perufer of the whole context of that hiflory:yet Satan feting force likelihoods of it,ventured fo to fpeak, as if the next day he fhould have died ; but withall, becanfe he was not fuse of it fo tempered his fpeech with the ambiguity of he word, to morrow, that Es credit night be Paved, though Saul had not died till a yeare after.Thus we fee how the devill,as he i3 the Father oflier in gene - rail, fo aIfo of this more handfome & cleanly man - ner of lying,wherewith the deceitfi!ll heart of man ufeth to diffcmble, and hide itsfhatncc.ïNot but that it aboundeth with variety of divers other fuch like knacks and devices.: for we fee how David could goe about to cloke his adultery ; firfh by fending for Vriah home, and then commanding him to goe to his wife : fecondly, when this took nor, by ma- king him drunk,thinking wine would perfwade him better than wòrds:thirdly,whcn neith-er this would fadge, by murthering of him, and Marrying of bis wife. Ant of all others fetches, none to this of the artif cialllie,d:fguifed by egsrivocation:ali other lief,' are