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The deceitfislneffe of mans heart. are the devils brats, lohn 8. 44.. but this, is his firft borne ; `and this is molt in request with his fcho- lers at this day, and therefore we have the longer hit-flied upon it. And fo much for diffmulation of evil!. Dittembling of good, is, when we conceale and (-mother that grace and confcience which is in us, being in fuch places and companies where fuch things may be prejdiciall unto us. Thus many Prot eftantsbeingxtt places of idolatry, honour the Mafte with their pretence, Thus many of the con= verted Corinthians, overtaken with. the hlanraIse temptation, as Pawl termeth it, that is, a temptation anfing from humane frailty,too much fearing men, gratified their idolatrous acquaintance with their pretence at the idols fefts:And fo by an outward thew of idolatry, they did hide that inward hatred of idolatry, that the Lord hall wrought in them. Thus alto did Peter himfelfe, overcome with the fame temptation , Itadaize in the prefençe of the Jewes, conforming himfelfe to their ceremonies, contrary to his owner both knowledge, 4&.ic.rs. 28. and former praatife, Gal. 2.12. And thus (blue profeffors being in the company of the prophane, will not ftick to game , to guile, and fweare with them : every way fo carryingthernfelveS, that they feeme to care for nothing more in. tuch companio.. than that their 1anguage may not bewray them to be Galileans, or their countenance to be fuch as tilde which are going up to Jerufalem. O. my bra, . thee, what a th; ake-isthis.for.thee to be ad-lamed of that which is thy crowue, thy glory ? flow unmoor. thy 2.5 z. Of-good. z Cor.io r3. interPreteti. u'.3p'vaaivos sr.ipaau6s Gal. . z,.