Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

?'be deeeitfulneg efinanr heart. "Infra. There are many indifferent aetious in themfelves, which yet have an appearance of evil!, by the doing whereofa man may faine wickedneffe. 2.. In many evill aáions there is a twofold evil!. Firft,the evil! it (elfe that is done : Secondly, the evils that is fignified by that which is done. As in rofephi (wearing by the life of Pharaoh,in Peterr Ju= daizing, in lehofhaphats joyning with Ahab in affi- nity and fociety of warre : befides the evill of the aetions themfelves, there is a further evill fignified, namely,that rofeph is as prophane as thelE'gyptians, IehoJb4phat as idolatrous as Ahab,Peter as fuperftiti- ous as any of the Jewes. Now,howfoeverthey that doe evili,are indeed evill in regard of the firft kinde of evil!, yet not in regard of the record. When a profefior wears long haire,he doth evill,but yet he is not evil! in that kinde of wickedneffe which this a &ion feemes to import. n'or to weare long haire is commonly a badge ofa royfter or ruffian, yet the profeffor is not Each a one indeed : And therefore he makes fhew of that evill to be in him, which indeed is riot. For as a man may belye himfelfe in words, as he that told David he had flaine Sari!, when indeed he had not ; fo alto in his deeds , which alfo have their language. And this is, when we doe fome leffer evil!, that carries with it a foule note, and fihrewd fufpition of a greater evil], of the which yet we are innocent .If Iofephwith his mouth (hould have laid, I care for the true God as little as the Egyptians, who feeth not but that he fhould have fained that wickednetl'e to be in bimfelfe which in truth was not ? Now by (wearing by Pharaohr 27 i 7hcf.f.zz. z Sam.i.