Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

Simufation. St??cbiavels ; Maxime. Prca.z.3. Rcve1.9.8. Thedeceitfulneffe of mans hesrt. Phardal.s life, in efleer bee faid as much. Thefe be the deceits ofDiftmilation: the deceit ofsinulation is eípeciallythat,whereby men make thew ofthat grace & godlineffe which either they have not at all, or elfe not in that meafure they Take thew of, being fpecially fwayed with the Thai- tier reCpeecs ofgaine and glory. To make (hew of more grace than indeed is, may be incideínt to the godly: but to make (hew of grace when there is not any at all, no not fo much as the leaf} liking of it,this is peculiar to the wicked: With whom that mifchievous Machiaviliaaprecept fo much preval leth;That vertue it f if jbould not he fought after,hut only the appearanceikecau fe the credit is a help,tie ufe R cumber. Wherefore as Iamb to get Ifaacr bletliug, put on Efara's cloathes; fo doe there hypocrites,to get the bleuling and praife of men, in outward habit apparrell themfelves like Chriftians. And as lacob thereby deceived i faac, Co doe thefe often- times the moft judicious Chriftians ; like as the fig -tree with her leafes deceived Chrifi, and as the empty boxes in Apothecaries fhops,with their faire titles written upon them, deceive the igno- rant comrners in. Though their hearts be b, fc,and vile earthen pots,yet they mutt be over -laid with the Glver droffe of.glozing and glorious words. Thus hypocrites Cpeake not out of but contrary to the abundance oftheir hearts. When their lips, like good mens, fcatter knowledge, their hearts at the fame time, naughtinefTe. They know them f e lves to have Lyons teeth,& yet n'ometts haires m u ft on ;; to be Wolves; and yet thefbeeps (loathing muf} on.