Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

32 Ierem,Æz. Rom.t6oe8. z Per. a. Co lad. z. Matti .7. V. interpreted, The deceit fulne ffe s f Mans heart. as once the Patriarks by their readinefl'e to ho- Ipitality,in Bead of men,received holy Angels ; fo we contrarily,by our readinefle to beleeve,making our hearts common Innes for every one to lodge in; in Read of holy Angels,mayquickly receive the foule and fill y fiends : for falle Prophets them - lelves, as Chrifi tels us, come infheeps claathing,and Co the devill himfelf is transfigured into an Angell of tight .How humblydid thole captains prefent them - 1 eves before Ierenay,defiring his prayer,' is counCel, and promiing obedience ? and yet they had refol- ved before -hand what to do,and did but diffemble in their hearts, in their fo religious a thew of com- ming to the Prophet. How eally may good Ten- my be deceived with fuch faire thews ? In the A- potties rimes, did not the falle feducers, which fer- ved not the Lord refits, but their owne bellies, yet with faire & flattering fpeeches deceive the hearts of the ómple, & make merchandife of their Conies ? Did they not make great ihewes ofmore than ordi- nary humility arid mortification? for what aufterity is there among the Papifts,or what zeale in wooing and winning of Prolelytes, with which,that of the Pharifees may not compare ? Try we then the Spirits before we truft them : for though men may compote their faces and fafhions to never fo great fhewes of piety, yet for all that Jven abominations may lie couched in their deceitfull hearts. And therefore, when our. Saviour tels us, that by their fruits roe 'had kvom falle Prophets,he meaneth not Co much the fruits of their lives, which in outward appearance,and in the judgement of men,may be as goo d