Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

34 .tl Pfa1.S 17, ,s,t9, Kai, So iS. Hypecrit+rutn maculam non haFicre,aut pau- iornm, ant nul- lorum. N u g, de temp.f.r.9. The deceitfulneffe of masa heart. ready to take notice ofthis in others, and wee may hearefoule - mouthed perfons carting t he afperfion ofhypocrifie upon fuch as deferve it far le fre than theanfeives. For thefe carnali and loofe Golpellent , they, of all others,are the groffeft hypocrites,that in their outward profeffion they make in the pub - lick w orfhip of God, have aforme ofgodlineffe, but indeed have denied the power thereof, beingreprobate to every good reorke;that by making covenant with God in lacrifice, feem to be Saints;: yet by breaking covenant, in their fl anders, thefts, adulteries, Phew themfelves to bee Divels ; and therefore as the Di- vell in the Gofpell was commanded filence, when he began to take the name Jefus into his mouth , Co allo thefe;YVhat haji thou to do to toe airy name in- to thy rnouth, &c. And yet thefe hypocrites that can not fee the huge beanie ofhypocrite in their own eye, muff needs be tampring with the little moa :e in their brechrens.O that once we could lcarne to leave this prying into others, and turn our eyes up- on our felves;for the Prophet here faith,The heart, not of this kind ofinen,or that ,but in generali chal- lenging us al, the heart is deceitful/. Either then de- ny thy felfe to be a man , or confeffe thy deceitful neffe And indeed, whole heart is there that can plead guiltleffe ? who can with good confcience be- fore Gods tribunal fay, I am not fowred with this I eaven?nay,how true is Salomons complaint,Every' man boafieth of hi.r owne goodneffe, but who fhall finde a pitfall mantas in that one particularofliberality, Coin the generali of Chriftianity, that performeth full out as much in workes, as he maketh .of in words.