Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfulnejJe of mans heart. 3s words. Such a one is a black Swan, an odde man Ccarfe one ofa thoufand,to be wonderd at with our Saviours Ecce, behold a true Ifraelite &c. How ma- ny covers and curtaines bath every ones heart drawn before it to hide is felfei The eyes, the fore- head, the countenance lye often; the tongue how often? who can fay ofall that ever he bath written, as S. Paul of his Epif }le to theCorinths :we write no other things than thofejoy read?that is, that which you read written, is indeed written as well in our hearts as in this paper; and fo ofhisfpeeches, and countenance; I fpeake no other things than thole you heare, I have no other face than that you fee. which as the painted ftrumpetcannot fay,fo neither can the guileful] díflembler that painteth over his malitious and dogged countenance with laughter , and fweet fmilings,and fuch like femblance of faire and lovely looks.Ranfack we therefore our owne hearts, and finding any of the vizors of deceitful - nefle,lec us take them off by repentance.This is the bet uncafing of the hypocrite, namely; when hee (hail uncafe himfelfe, : not when God fhall uncafe him by judgeing him;but when he that uncafe him- felfe by judgeing and humbling himîelfe:not when God (hall do it by condemnation, but hint felf by re- formation : not when God thail wa(h out thy pain. tings with the Bathing tempefts of his judgement but when thy felfe fhalt wafh them out with the fweec dew- of thy repenting and weeping eyes , being angry with thy felfe for former deceit ; and now turning thowes into fubftance,fhaddowes into truth,a double heart & cloven tongue into a heart D a of Lohn r. MU '114 esim fr. mutationuan volueras tegitur, e3 quafi zelis quiGufdarrs ob tenditl.Y uniur euju/"q, natura; f rons,ocrsli, vuó- tus perfrpe më-. tiantptr, eratio verb fepiflimè. Tull. ad (9. f at 'CM. z Cor.i.13. interpreted. The belt un- cafing of the hypocrite, is, when hee un- cafes hinarelfe, and fo pre. vents Gods un- cafing.