Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfilnef of Maus heart. this, w hole heart is there free from this deceit of thinking himiclf free enough, and far enough from many, fpecially hateful I, and ignominious finner,as mu rther; hefr,adultery,perjury, apoftacy,and Cuch like ? Would not David (think we) as wel as P!ter adnisaithed of his future denial,have made ftrange of fr if it had bin told him before hand,thou (halt defile BatkflJeba,murder Vriah? Would he not have anfwered with Hazael,What, asn la dog ?This de- ceat is exceeding dangerous, and therefore take we heed of it.Vor whence is it that men oftentimer,as it feemeth of milde and gentle natures, break forth into great rage, even unto inurder;and againe,men of chafte behaviour,into filthyand brutifh unclean - tieffe ? Whence is this I fay,but from this deceitful - nefle of our hearts,wherebywe perfwade our felves that our nature is not fo far venomed that it fhould be likely to bring forth fuck peftilent evils ?& ther- fore growing fecure,and remitting of our watchful - neffe,we are the móre eauly overthrowne.Indeed, Come fumes there are to which we are not fo much ternpted,as others (as Luther laid of himfelfe, that he never felt himfelf tempted to covetoufnes:)yet there is no fin but we may both be tempted to, and through temptation fall into, if Gods underprop- ping hand withdraw it felfe:As the /pofile notably teacheth,exhorting to moderati6 towards our bre- thren fallen even into foulerfins,upon this ground, con f derhig thy felf that thou mayefi be tempted,even with a powerfull and prevailing temptation to fall ¡into thy brothers finnes.The ufe thenof this point, is,to take heed of this deceit,& knowing our pelves what. 45 Gal. 6.4. interpreted. vfe