Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

44. The deceitfultrefe of ahans heart. hee could not believe Chrifi himeelfe, the God of truth,fore- warning him of his threefold deniallihe could not be perfwaded there was Co much wicked- 2, King.,8. 13. nes in his heart. So Hazael,when the Prophet told him he fhould quelly rip up the women with child and dafh their children against the (tones, as think- ing better of himfelf,than thatever he should break forthinto fuch outrage,anfwered not without Come indignation,what,atra I a dog ?Y ea; hat thou art Ha- zaeli& fo naturallyare all the Cons of Adam, in their vicious qualities, worse than dog's,beares,tigers.And thus,if our own hearts deceive us not,fhal we j udg of our Celves,that there is is no fin Co odious, unto which of our felves wee are not futficiently inclina- ble.For original/ fin,in which we are al bred &born, containeth in it felte the feeds of all f ns,thàt feare- full fin againft the holy Ghofl it Celle not excepted. And therefore by realon of this fo corrupt & rotten a nature, we have a difpofition,even the heft of us,to the vileft & moft loathsome fins. One would have thought that the Difciples in regard of their educa- ionand nurture,both under their Parents,in honett and frugali trades, & under our Saviour,in holy and fpiricuall learning,fhould have bin far enough from surf tting & drun&enneff,the fins of fwaggereri,and not of fober,civill men,much lefí-e godly & zealous minifters. And yet unto them our Saviour addref- Lukezt34. feth this admonition,T4e heed ;into your felves that your hearts bee not wade heavy with fierfetting and dmakennef.For they had in thé the common poi- ¡ Cô of nature,& Co were obnoxious even to the molt fhamefull and reproachfull evils. And yet for all this