Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfulaee of mans heart. ned danger. But loe (examples for ever to be re- mernbred) becaufe in their folitaririeffe this deceit of heart took place, that of thernielves they were not fo frameable to fuch firmes, and Co flood not,as in times paff,upon their guard; hence it came to paffe, that they who got the victory in the greater, were shamefully foyled in the lefter confii1 ; they that overcame two adverfaries together , the ßtfl and the world, were miCerably overcomeby one of them alone, the fl fb; without the ayde of the world.O then deliver wee our foules from this de- ceit, and poffeffe wee them continually with this meditation. There is no baggage fo filthy,but my heart it is a fit fink to receive; no manlier fo hideous, but it is a fit womb to conceiv e, no tveede Co poyfon- ful!,, but it is a fit foyle to bring forth. Hardly (hall he be caught that thus feareth the fnare.Indeed in evil ofpunifimentchat ofiob is often true:That which t feared is couse upon me. But in the evill of fi n,that ofsalaon, Blefd is bee that feareth alwayes. How bleffed,but in efcaping the finne feared? as the oppofition there fhewes; but bee that not fearing] hardens his heart, gall fail into evill, {I Cap.