Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

Foure dcce;ts, the deceitfitlnefe of roans heart. dreare that he is a Kin : for the King when he wa_ kens, his griefe is gone, and his joy redoubled, fee - ing the vanity of his dreame; but the beg gar, when he awakes, his former griefe that flept with him, a- wakes, & returnesfo much the fiercer, in regard of the falle joy of his dreame : fo is it in there dreames and deceitful 1 dotages of the heart. Farre better th. =t deceit, whereby the forme of God thinkes him- Felfe a slave of Sathan, than the contrary, when the limbe of Sathan dremes and dreames himfelfe a member of Chrift Better it is for Nebuchadnezzar (being a man) through his braise diftempered with melancholy, to thinke himfelfe a beaft, than for a beaft to thinke it felfe a man : for this deceit is no- thing Co ufuall, nor fo perilous. A mans falle con - ceit ofmiCery,when indeed hee is happy,may leffen his happine(fe, it cannot make him mifera.ble : but a mans falle apprehenfion of happinef e being mile - rable , is fo faire from making him happy , that it makes him twice,yea,remedileffe miCerable:ic being the firft fteppe to happineffe, to know our mifery Lamentable therefore is it, that this deceit being Co pernicious, fhould be fo univerfall.0 ur Saviour tels us,that there are but few that (hail be faved:And yet if all they (hould bee Caved, that thinke they (hall be Caved, fure'then they are but very few that ¡hall be damned : and then thefirait and narrow way is that which leadeth to hell,the broad way is Heaven - way : for who is there, almoft, that perfwadeth not himfelfe he (hall be Caved? And here 1 obferve more fpecialiy the deceit of foure feverall forts ofinen ; the rich Worldling, the civil