Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfrinelfe of mans heart: civill brfliciary,the loofe Libertine,or carnal Got&ler, and the temporary Beleever; all thefe upon their i'eve- rail, but, all of them deceiveable grounds, perfwa- ding thetr.felresthey are in the favourofGod. Firff, the men of this world whole belliesGod Mils with the hid treafure of the earth,upon occafi- on of t heiroutward proCperity are quickly brought into this foolespar.idife of thinking themfelves to the Cpeciall darlings of God : for if the godly themfelves have oftentimes their eyes fo dazeled ' with the outward glittering & flourifhing efface of the wicked, as thereupon they are ready to fay of them, 7legenerat lam ofGods children; which was once David's error for a rime : how much more then, thinke we, will the wicked thinke fo ofthem- Celves ? Hee that maketh gaine, faith David, ble féth himfelfe, namely, in this faire opinion of his owne felicizie. And elsewhere he fheweth,rhatwhen God holdeth his peace, and doth nor by his judgements diflurbe them in their plea Cures and profits, then prefently their deceitful) heart thereon inferreth that God is like =tothem; he alloweth of them.and their doings. That we may free there men from this deceit, and difcover the groífneífe ofir,divers things Inuit be conf dereel. Fir.ffr, ifriches bee that that makes men happy, (according to the fool lit phraCe men tfe when fuch things befall one, D,he is blade!) how then comesit to.paffe, that Heaven, the chiefe and royals feate of 1 bleffedneffe, is Co emptie of there Treefures ? for ,; there grow no minerals., the veine offilver and gold is not tobee found there.' And yet God, who there E z fheweth I Rich wotld- lings deceit. P(al.;7. Pfal. 73. Pfal.ro.3. Pfal.So