Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

1'. 52 lob. z8. z8.4. Luke8. Ecdef.7.a3. interpreted The deceit fulnefe of :Hans heart. iheweth the brighteft lufire of his glory , the holy saints and Angels, that dwell there with hitn,want nothing that may ferve to make them compleatly bleffed. Surely, belike happineffe mutt bee digged out ofthe bowels of the earth, it growes below,not above; The earth can no longer fay, when it is de- manded of our happineffe, as it is in lob, it is not in me. Iffilverand gold be our happineffe,thenit is in the earth, and fo, which is ftrange, it is nearer Hell (which the Scripture Ceemes to place below in the deepes) than Heav:n,which all know to be aloft, and fo nearer the Divell han God : let me have hea- vens miferie, take thou hells happineffe. 2 If this deceit be true, hap_ fhould rather be found in the wilderneffi of India,Trkey,and fuch like barbarous and brutifh places, than in the faire Eden of the Church. Is it likely, that if riches were fuch Pearles, the Lord would cart them unto filch Swina if fuch happy things, he would throw them to filch Deg.'? if th e childrens bread, he would feed whelps with them? 3 Riches ï.ndeed,in themfelves,are the good blef- fings of God, and the notable infiruments of ver- tue, as wee fee in Salomon, Abraham, Lot, and other holy rich men, in the Scriptures, in all whom that laying was true,Wifedome is goad twit an inheritance. Wifedome is good without an inheritance to the owner , but it is not fo good to others, it cannot fo clearely Phew and manifeft it felfe to them,without the helpe of this inftrument. As how could A- braham have :hewed his hofpitall and bountiful! minde, in entertaining ftrangers if poore ? How could