Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

- lhe deceitfHltteffe of Mans heart. 57 howfoever he bath given the wicked thefe earthly blefditigs,yet will he challenge them oftheft and un- jufi ufurping of bis creatures, to the which being out of Chrift,they have no right & title.See then ye miferdble muck -worms of the earth, how grofrely yee deceive your felves, that are fo fearful( of be- ing deceived by others; and know that as in other regards, co in this hash our saviour befoold you, that you thus lull your felves afleep in a falle conceit of your own happineffe, and fing a requiem ro your own foules; soul, take thine cafe; and yet, Fnne lies Luke r:. before the doors; this night ,0fool, fhall they take away thy foal: And then,though with Dives y have been rich in this world, yet wich him alío ye (hall be poor enough in the world to come : fo poor, that yee (hall bee driven to begge a drop of water of tome Lazarus, to whom hete you denied crams of bread. Luke O extreame,& more than beggerly poverty, when thou canßt not command a little drop of water ! So, fitly did the Apoftle fay, Charge therm that are rich in this ivorld,intimaring that there is one riches and poverty of this world, and of the world to c :tne another; as Lazarus, poore in this world, became rich in the other world; & Dives ,rich in rhis world, became exceeding penurious in the o ° her : wirhall teaching that there riches when they laft longeft, laft no longer than this life, they follow not after us when we are dead, to make us rich in that other world; Goe now and blcíre thy felfein thy riches and profperous elate, as badges of ble(r dhr frt.. from which holy t..ílgur defired to bee ble:(red fearing left his (hooe being aver- wide for his foot,it ì would