Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

56 The deceitfudaee of Mans hears. cruelt o re(lion.and fuch like hich f y, pp w be ore were in thee _but for want ofoccafion could not fo plainly (hew rhemfelves.That therefore this hid corruption maybe difcovered -,he oÂreth fit matter for it to feed upon.,to work upon, ludo was covetous before he carne to Chr ít : therefore Chrift gave him the bag ro feed that his humour,ro minifterfuel to it,thatfo his rotten heart might be dete&ed:Should not now Iudat have deceived him felfe much, if he had ap- prehended the office which Chrift aflìgned him as an argument of his greater reîpeft,a,; though he had repofed more confidence in him for fidelity, whom indeed he knew to be molt unfaithful ?Ribs bag was a net to catch his foul. The wickeds Table, though Cwimming n:-ver fo much with dainties, is his fnare, Pfa1.69,22. and his profperity has ruine. God giveth them there things no otherwife than lael gave sifera milk and lodging, that by this meanes carting them into the dead fleep offecuriry,he might ftrike t`,emthrough with the naile of his judgements:or asEhud gave the prefent to Egloa.onl y chit he might have an occafì- on to (herh his dagger in his bowels:wherfore look how Haman deceived himfelfe in conftruing the Queens invitation of him to the banquet, as a mat - r of fpeciall grace; for indeed the did it only to aceuf him : alike doe there fat worldlings deceive themfelves, imputing their outward profperity to the favour of God, who indeed only giveth them there things to furoí(h theirinditement out ofthem; like as once Iofeph caufed his cup to be put into one of his brethrens lacks, that he might pick a quarrell with them, and lay theft to their charge : for God, how-