Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfulneff ofMans heart. 59 think the King can touch thee in nothing, becaufe thou haft not failed in any point the Law ties thee to thy fellow fubje ts, with whom thou liveft, and yet haply haft many wayes faulted againft the King himfelfe:Thou talkeff of paying men their dues5wel let it be fo; what can follow hence, but that among men thou (halt goe for an honeft man ? what, with God too.? yes,if thou canft truly fay,thou payft him histdues,the due ofprayer,hearing,reading,and me- dicating in the word, fan&ifying of the Sabbaths, the which our civili man never payeth,and therfore as thou wouldeft account him unhoneft, char payes thee not thy dues, fo will God account thee for not paying him his. This is true Religion, faith lames to the bole profeffor, levering fome outward duties of Religion in the firft, from righteoufneffe in the lecond Table, to vifit the fatherlefe and widow &c. which are duties,noc of Religion properly,but of Irr- fgice and Righteoufnef : and this he do:h, becaufe this is the trial} of the truth of our Religion. By like reafon and proportion may I fay to the ci vill rnan,as unfeafonabl y dividing the works of righteoufnes in the fecund Table,from chofe of religion in the firft: This is truc righteoufnefte, this is true honefty,to radiifie the Sabbaths, to call upon the name of the Lord,to conferre,to meditate on the word: For look what kinde of Religion that is, which is not attended with honefiy to men, alike is that honefly which is not joyned with Religion to God.Now the former Religion none fo ready to condemne for naught as the civili man himfelf: for zeale and de- ,votion in. no cafe can he away, with :. therefore his owne