Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

6o Mattb. y. III. Libertines de- ceit. The deceitfulnefe of Mans heart. owne mouth being judge, his owne honefty which he Co magnifiecs,and makes the onlyprop of his hap pineffe, mutt needs be rotten and unfound. Vnhonefl religion is as good as irreligious hone, fly : And if in thy judgment (he former be naught, Purely the later cannot be r =ood. Religion, or the feare ofGod,so- lomon oils the heddof all goodnefTe : Honefty then without religion, is as a body without a head, even a rotringand a ftinking carrion,and wilt thou yet be fo fond as to think it is a fweet facrifice in Gods noftrils ? Beare Chrifi telling the Pharifies, fu h as thou art, that the harlots and Publicans,as if I should now fay to thee, cur- throat.r,and cut par /es fhould goe before them into the kingdom e of Hea- ven. A nd againe Except your righteoufnes exceed the righteoufneffe ofthe Scribes and Pharifees,ye cannot enter into the kingdom ofHeiven: Aral if this cannot ftop thy mourh,yet let Efayes foul cloath,all our rig!.. teoufneffë, even our righeeoufneffe, the Prophet in- :lades hirnfc 11e, holy Efayes owne righteoufnes,rhe righteoufneffe ofgrace is a zuenflruogs cloth,that wil rather foule our faces than wipe away the filth of them : what then is the righteoufnefí-t of Nature Surely, Chrift mutt both mafh and wipe his Difciples Feet: His blood mutt be both water and toanell too. Renounce then thine own righteou,fnes,even fpiri= trsa11,mucb more civili, and trait only to his. The third fort ofthefe Pelf deceivers are our com- mon and carnaliGofpelers,Gofpel- fpi /cers rather,being indeed loot Libertines, that do turn the grace of God into srantonnes:Thefe allo judge themfelves to be in good cafe before God ; and why? becaufe they have Keene