Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

i The deceit fulneffe of mass heart, eoufneffeis enough to get falvation- And fo the loft Proteftant righty applies to himfelfe outward profeffior,hearing of the word, &c. but his ground is deceitfull, that this is fufficienc to make one a good Chriftian;But here iris otherwife.The ground of there Temporary beleevers argument is molt certaine and agreeable to the Word; namely, that whofoever bath true Faith, Repentance, or Obe- dience,is in the ftate of grace.All the deceitis in the application ; for the temporary when bee alfiurnei thofe things to himfelf, prefusies. His affumption : But I have true faith, &c. is nothing but meere pre famption.And therefore he is harder to be delivered from this his deceit than the other : for with them there needed no more adoe, than to thew the falfe- neffe of theirgroanls, which might eatly be done: but here the falfeneffe of the application of their grounds mutt be difcovered,which is very hard, be- caufe of the neere affinity and likeneffe betwixt the Faith,Repentance,Obedience of the true and teen- war" beleever;which is fogreat,that even the tnoft judicious, & difcerning Chriftians, cannot perfeft- ly diftinguifh betwixt thçtn.Hence Was among the Difciples,and .4na#aias and Saphira, & Nicholas the Deacon, among them in the Primitive Church, till God detelted them, went for true beleevers : for thisdifference of thefe two Faiths, ho wfoever in ge- nerate' we know it,as it is revealed in the word,yet in peciall we know it not,as it is in men,that we can fay before the event,declare it, This man is a Temporary only. This is difcernable only to him that is greater than our hearts, and therefore knoweth our hearts F 2 better